Spice Rising  

Old Spice, New Beginnings 

Welcome friends, family members and people who got very lost on the internet, to the new edition of the Spicy Sevens! 

Hide your kids, hide your wives, let your spice flag fly, we’re back baby! 

My father encouraged me to launch this as a weekly blog/playlist during quarantine, presumably so I would spend less time spray painting the neighbors’ dog and reenacting our favorite scenes from Tiger King. People must be starved for this kind of content because in only two months our audience exploded to over 11 (but less than 13) weekly subscribers! As a simple boy from a sleepy San Francisco suburb, I’ll admit that the pressure got to me…and I ceased releasing them when I returned to Nashville in May. 

Fast forward to today—Sam and I have decided to resurrect this beloved publication and build it around our weekly Spicy Thursday streams. As dozens of you already know, every Thursday night we spend 30 minutes playing original songs, sharing heart-warming/deeply disturbing animal facts and then eating very spicy foods right before covering a song we like. It’s the brief weekly marriage of music and medical experiment that the world never knew it needed. 

So what’s this going to consist of every week? The constant will be a new seven-song Spotify playlist that Sam and I put together. Sometimes it will have a theme, sometimes it will just be what we’re jamming to in that moment. Just give it a good-faith listen—we don’t expect anyone to like every song, and the point certainly isn’t musical cohesion—our hope is simply that you find at least one or two songs here every week that make your days move a little easier. I’ll include the Spotify link and track listing at the bottom. 

We’ll also share band updates, new music, hints about song/spice selections for upcoming streams, trivia, fan shoutouts, and of course some bonus animal facts…as for the rest of it, that’s largely up to you! Let us know what you want to see/hear and we’ll make it happen. We’re intensely thankful for everyone who tunes in to hear us sing—Spicy Thursdays have become a consistent bright spot for us in the strange, never-ending heaviness of 2020 and it’s a gift to be able to share them with you. Even when people reach out afterward because they are concerned about our stomach linings, or our butts. Don’t forget to spread the word about tonight, and we’ll see you there, sweaty and strange as ever! Show starts at 8pm eastern/5pm pacific. 

With love, gratitude and a fearful colon, 

Sam and Alex

Spicy Sevens July 30 Playlist

Spotify Playlist Link Test 2

Track Listing: 

“The Motorcycle Song” — Arlo Guthrie 

This week I’m feeling restless and I’ve been listening to a lot of light, upbeat, summery music. This song is utterly silly, but it’s also catchy as hell and I always find myself singing along…which is I guess is pretty similar to what Sam and I are going for on Thursdays. If anybody ever offers you a pickle and you DON’T sing this…you done effed up. 

I don't want a pickle 
Just want to ride on my motorcycle 
And I don't want a tickle 
'Cause I'd rather ride on my motorcycle 
And I don't want to die 
I just want to ride on my motorcye 

“Waiting on a Song” — Dan Auerbach 

Dan Auerbach is a pillar of Nashville’s music community, both as a much-sought-after producer and an artist (he’s half of The Black Keys). Everything this dude touches just turns to gold, and this is a GREAT summer driving song. 

I looked down in my pocket 
Underneath the bed 
Walked under the lamp post 
And one hit me on the head 

Am I blind or too dumb to see 
All the sound surrounding me? 
I'm just waiting, waiting on a song 

“The Swimming Song” — Loudon Wainwright III 

Our more observant readers may have started to notice a pattern here. The first two songs I put on this playlist were this one and “Beach Song”, which is next up. The similar titles made me smile, so I thought it would be fun to look up all the songs in my library with the word “Song” in their names and it turns out you can actually build a pretty solid summer playlist that way. “Escape (Piña Colada Song)” was cut for time unfortunately but please accept these humble alternatives. I have no idea how Loudon manages to turn this into such a pretty folk song…it’s literally just a list of places he has been swimming and how those experiences differed. And it’s awesome. 

This summer I went swimming 
This summer I might have drowned 
But I held my breath and I kicked my feet 
And I moved my arms around 

This summer I swam in the ocean 
And I swam in a swimming pool 
Salt my wounds, chlorine my eyes 
I'm a self-destructive fool 

“Beach Song” — Busman’s Holiday 

This song makes me want to be a wall flower at a Sadie Hawkins dance by the ocean in the 80’s, waiting for the right girl to pass me by. 

Hearing the sound of another night makin' it's way down the road 
If the moon caught your smile he might stay for a while and light our way back home 

Oh come on baby, I'll give you a chance to love me 
Oh come on baby, I'll get down on my knees you lovely 

You don't have to say you love me 
You just have to have some fun 
So just put your hair down baby 
We'll be swimmin' in the sun 

“Oogum Boogum Song” — Brenton Wood 

My sister Jocie introduced me to this song and it has become a staple of my summer mixes. It’s just very difficult to be in a bad mood while listening to him sing “oogum boogum” over and over again in a high falsetto. 

Oogum oogum boogum boogum 
Boogum now baby you're castin' your spell on me 
I say, "Oogum oogum boogum boogum 
Boogum now baby you're castin' you're spell on me." 
You got me doin' funny things like a clown 
Just look at me 

“Neighbor Song” — Lake Street Dive 

This has been one of my favorite songs for about a decade now…I just never get tired of it. It’s a beautiful ode to human love and life and loneliness, and their singer Rachael Price is a transcendently talented classically trained vocalist. If you’ve never seen this band live before and the world ever returns to normal, buy a ticket immediately. They’re a blast. 

In this city all the humans live in layers 
I got people down the hall and down the stairs 
We all move in and out and live our lives in stacks and rows and pairs 
And try to find someone with whom we can share it 

“Cowboy Song” — Thin Lizzy 

I just drove from California to Nashville with my little sister Molly and this was the first song that came on shuffle when we left my parents’ driveway. WHAT A GREAT OMEN. It was a perfect way to head off towards the highway—a consummate, hall of fame summer road trip song. There should be way more songs that let you scream “Running free with the buffalo” at the top of your lungs while hurtling 70 mph down the interstate. Sam, if you’re reading this, let’s write one please. 

Roll me over and turn me around 
Let me keep spinning 'til I hit the ground 
Roll me over and let me go 
Running free with the buffalo 
Here I go 


“Your Song” — Ewan McGregor 

I know this song is not by Ewan McGregor, and I have the utmost respect for Sir Elton John, but Moulin Rouge was one of my favorite movies growing up. Ewan and his beautiful butt chin knock it out of the park. I sang along to the movie’s version of it in high school all the time, and even performed it at the auditions for my college a cappella group. Recently I was hanging out in a hammock with my girlfriend Jenny, lying peacefully by Nashville’s Percy Priest lake, when I was reminded of this fact. Jenny was a little stunned (as was I) when I belted out the entire song word for word. We are still together, which is a great sign. I recommend immediately memorizing this song so you too can shout it at your loved ones while they’re trying to quietly cuddle with you in public spaces.